The Space

Join our Crew!!

Our space is growing but room is limited…….Studio 23 is looking for artists!! Whether you need a Zone or an entire Block of space, either in the Studio or the Warehouse, we have something for you!! Keep reading for details…..

 Blocks and Zones…

Studio ZoneYou are ready to share your art with the world (or at least the South) and you just want a place to sell. Preferably right up front in the Studio space so people see your amazing creativeness right away. All you need is a few feet of a wall or maybe a cool display and you are ready to go.  THESE SPACES ARE GOING FAST!!!

Warehouse ZoneYou make beautiful large pieces and need an open space to show them off and sell them.  You don’t need a whole block but just a free standing unit, wall space or a combo of both. We have 7000 sq feet of Warehouse so we can find the perfect space to fit your needs.  

Warehouse Block You want to park your car in your garage and eat at your dining room table so you are ready for some room to create. You want to work and sell from the same space and leave at the end of the day.


Block and Zone Benefits…





BLOCKS: work and sell space.

Blocks are $1.85 per square foot and are available as 10×10; 10×12, and 8×20. 8×20 shipping containers can be shared by two people.


THE WORKSHOP:  before you sell the things….make the things

The WorkshopA collaborative work-space where you can bring your projects, connect with other creatives, or just eat some tacos during open workshop time. (Remember Tuesdays are “Taco Tuesdays”)

Open workshop days- Check out our calendar for days to work alone or work together if you prefer. All for FREE!

Book the workshop– Need a space to host a class, have a party, or just meet up with your crew? We have plenty of tables and chairs that can be arranged however you  need. Price-  25 per hour / 2 hr minimum.



Fresh Air Market Space- We have space to host your events or markets.Rent the workshop with tables, chairs and room to create or pop open our three bay doors and expand outdoors with 7000 additional square footage.

Community Loft- Here you will find makers sharing ideas, eating tacos, planning community events, drinking coffee, (or Diet Coke), or knitting a sweater, well, maybe not in Alabama. First one to bring chocolate gets dibs on seating. (Zip line not included) Available free to the community.




Been making the things and selling the things for so long you’re an expert? Come and Teach the Things so others can be covered in paint and glue just as much as the rest of us!!!