Meet the Crew

The Crew Leaders….

April Howton resides in Florence, AL with her husband Jason and their seven children. YES seven, all from the same baby daddy. April has been an entrepreneur since the age of seven and was raised with the motto “See a need. Fill a need.” Her passion for building things came very easily for her. When you needed to find her, all anyone had to do was look in the garage or tool shed, and April was there, building something and playing in the power tools. That passion still burns in her today and she’s honored to be a part of the crew.

On Instagram:     @blessedagain23





Donna Gray is no stranger to imagination. Her love of creativity stems from her love of making others smile. Donna lives in TN currently in her newly built log cabin dream home that we all have dubbed “the Spa resort” with her husband and two of her children.

Donna’s pottery was been seen across the Shoals and TN and can easily become a habit for anyone. Her talents don’t stop at just pottery but we’ve all decided she’s by far the pro at it.




Trina Ross is a bonafide Shoals native. Being raised on the tunes of Muscle Shoals and  lullaby of the TN river, Trina still calls The Shoals home along with her husband and two boys.

Her passion for creativity stems from the love of working with her dad and drive for helping others comes from memories of others helping her with her start in art. Mission work continues to be on the forefront of why she does what she does. Trina is well known for her local photography of the Shoals and it can be seen in many area business’s.

On Instagram:     @artbytrinaross